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Hugo’s Driver Profile

My goal is to reach the highest categories of motorsports. Therefore I am continuously developing mentally and physically in order to maximize my capabilities.


Hugo Schwarze #33

Born July 3rd 2006 in Cologne, Germany

Growing up, I spent lots of time at race tracks with my father. When I had to give up field hockey due to an injury, I started with SIM Racing. At the end of 2021 I was given the opportunity to drive a race kart. I was fast from the very beginning, so I ended up joining a professional kart team where I made my first steps into real racing. As seen now, one year later, it was the build up to what I am doing today.

My hobbies: hockey, golf, cycling, skiing and wakeboarding.
My interests: travelling, technology and contemporary art.

Hugo Schwarze
Vision Racing Driver

My Vision

After winning the RMC Germany Wintercup at the start of the year, I entered the Ginetta Junior Championship 2023, competing in 27 races all over Great Britain.

Motorsport is a team sport. But at the end of the day, it’s my ability to give everything I’ve got at the crucial moment, and that’s a lot.

My Journey

2023 Results

Overall Wins
Pole Positions
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Currently 2nd in the Ginetta Junior Championship 2023

Winner of the DD2 Rotax Max Germany Wintercup 2023

Rotax Max DD2: Golden Trophy, Euro Trophy, BMC, BNL, Germany Challenge & Club in 2022


Scuderia Colonia